This article will list events of weather extremes and significant temperature fluctuation events.
In cases of weather extremes, there are more reports of significant snowfalls in the world's deserts and excessively warm temps in the north. For sudden changes in temperature, instances of large swings from low to high in one or two days.

Apr-05-2017: Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.
1 metre of snow in 72 hours; 1.3 metres in 6 days; winter accumulation smashes previous record

Dec-19-2016; Jan-20-2017: Sahara Desert, Morocco & Algeria.
First snowfall in 40 years blankets Sahara Desert
One month later, 3 feet [1 meter] of fresh snow covers Sahara Desert

Jan-25-2016: Hanoi, Vietnam.
Snow and cold snap in banana growing provinces of Vietnam

Nov-01-08-2015: Aden, Yemen.
Unprecedented first-ever 2 cyclones to slam Yemen do so in span of 7 days

Dec-04-06-2013: Dallas, Texas.
Dec 4: hi of 80F [27C]; Dec 6: snow & hi of 39F [4C]

Dec-01-03-2013: Denver, Colorado.
Dec 1: hi of 67F [20C]; Dec 3: 7" snow & hi of 11F [-12C]

Note: Articles in the 'earth' category will be updated to include new events as they occur.

Book of Truth prophecy:
Weather extremes and sudden changes in temperatures from cold to very hot will be seen. The seasons will no longer be seen in the way in which they were in the past.1
- July 3rd, 2013

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