Cardinal Daneels, cardinal Kasper as well as other cardinals were part of an underground group called the "St. Gallen mafia". This group mobilized to promote reform of the Church, make it “much more modern” and to have Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) become it's pope.

The election of a pope is to occur when a pope dies a natural death, not forced to retire. The election of a pope is to be done by an electoral process where the individual cardinals seek interiorly the assistance of the Holy Spirit to guide them in choosing a suitable leader for the Christian flock, not grouping otgether to suit a particular human agenda.

In a number of messages in the Book of Truth, details are given that Pope Francis is not a valid pope but rather the false prophet of the Book of Revelation. Many have difficulties accepting this. This website provides numerous examples that indicate Pope Francis behaves, speaks and acts in ways that are very questionable. He is not promoting a Christian life that seeks salvation of souls but rather focuses on the physical needs of earthly life and completely ignores spiritual preparation for the next life.

From the Remnant Newspaper: Cardinal Danneels, among others, were part of a secret group that conspired outside of a papal conclave to elect Pope Francis1

American Conservative reported: The group wanted a drastic reform of the Church, to make it “much more modern”, and for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to head it.2

While JPII was still alive "they thought more strategically about what was going to happen to the Church after John Paul II."3 That tells you this group has a long history of plotting their move. In the 2005 election of Pope Benedict XVI, Jorge Borgoglio came in 2nd in the vote count.

Book of Truth prophecy:
- April 12th, 2012
...the next pope, who comes after My beloved Vicar ,Pope Benedict. This pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church, but he will be the false prophet. His electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan."4

- July 22nd, 2013
The Church has been infested, from the inside, by enemies of God. They – and there are twenty of them who control from within – have created the greatest deceit. They have elected a man, not of God, while the Holy Father, accorded the Crown of Peter, has been carefully removed.5

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