What is a sacramental?
The Catholic Church has given the faithful sacramentals. These are objects that help users to keep God present in their lives. The benefits obtained by the use of sacramentals are: actual grace, the remission of temporal punishment, the forgiveness of venial sin, health of body and material blessings & protection from evil spirits.
As Christ was the invisible God made visible, so sacramentals, like sacraments, are visible signs of His invisible grace, sanctifying daily life.

Some people have difficulty understanding sacramentals.
Consider a married couple. The wearing of the rings. The rings are representative of the person’s commitment to another person and serves as a visual reminder of this commitment to both his/her spouse and to the world at large. The rings themselves are not the commitment; the commitment exists in the heart and mind of those married to each other. It is the same with a sacramental. The object [medal, scapular, cross] is a visual reminder of this commitment; the actual commitment is between God and the person and that is in the heart and soul of the individual.

Use them!
The time of the Great Tribulation is a time of spiritual warfare. Satan wants your soul with him in hell and will stop at nothing to put it there. Make use of all the armor available to help you ward off evil and satan and that means making use of sacramentals wherever you can.

Sacramentals are not magical objects!
They are not charms. They are used by the faithful to remind them of God and all the Heavenly help available. In His love for us, God grants the benefits listed above to the humble faithful according to His Wisdom and the person’s disposition to receive these benefits. It helps to be humble and actively trying to stay in a state of grace. The armor and benefits they provide are tangible and should be sought by the faithful for this time of Great Tribulation.
Here are some of the sacramentals and some of their suggested uses.

Sacramentals are blessed by priests.

The following are sacramentals and their uses:

Holy Water
Holy Water should be in every home. Have it blessed with the pre-Vatican II blessing and exorcism prayer. Vatican II blessing of Holy Water does not have the same power to ward off evil. Keep a spray bottle filled with Holy Water.
1. Bless yourself: As a sign of your faith, bless yourself using Holy Water, daily and often.
2. Bless your family members. Make the sign of the Cross on their foreheads with Holy Water asking for God’s protection.
3. Bless your home. Using the spray bottle or your finger, sprinkle Holy Water in each room and each doorway, at least once per week.
4. Bless your work space.
5. Bless your car. Sprinkle Holy Water regularly and before long trips.
6. Bless your pets and livestock. Sprinkle or spray some Holy Water on your pets and livestock and the area they spend time in.
7. Bless your garden plants. “Make certain you bless each plant with holy water. This will fortify their desire to bear much fruit.” -Jesus to Anna Marie of the Green Scapular, Aug 4, 2011
8. Cook with Holy Water. For recipes asking for water, add a teaspoon of Holy Water.
9. Drink Holy Water. Drink an ounce of Holy Water each day to help with your purification and health.

Blessed Salt
Because of its exorcism and blessing, blessed salt is a powerful sacramental in keeping away demons. To obtain blessed salt, just take ordinary salt to your priest and ask him to bless it. Some uses for blessed salt:
1. Sprinkle in food when cooking and ask God that all who eat of this salt be the salt of the earth or ask they be cleansed of their impurities.
2. Sprinkle Blessed Salt around the perimeter of your home and property especially doorways. Pray to God to prevent evil from entering your home.

Blessed oil
Blessed oil is olive oil blessed by a priest for use by the faithful. It is used as a healing balm and/or a protection against evil. This is not to be confused with oils used in the last rites sacrament. Some uses:
1. In cooking, whenever oil is needed use blessed olive oil. Ask God to protect all those who eat of the foods containing blessed oil [,water, salt].
2. Make the sign of the cross over doorways and windows with blessed oil.

Blessed candles
Blessed candles represent Jesus Christ in the significance that Jesus is the Light of the world. A lit blessed candle serves to both light a room and it also keeps the Light of God forefront in our minds and reminds us of Jesus’ presence in our lives. If you cannot keep a lit blessed candle 24/7, do so at the least during times of trial and storms. Some uses:
1. To light a home altar at family prayer time.
2. During a storm
3. During the 3 Days of Darkness, only a blessed candle will light.
P.S. In the old days, religious candles were made of at least 51% beeswax. That requirement ceased in the 1970s. Any wax candle can be blessed.

Holy Bible
A blessed Holy Bible in the home is a good reminder of our Christian Faith. Keep it in a place where it is accessible and a place of respect. Make use of it by reading a passage every day. The times of Great Tribulation will see evil twist the words of the Holy Bible to make sin acceptable. Be better prepared by being more familiar with the text in the Holy Bible.

Crucifix, religious images, statues, medals
There are many other objects available that can be blessed and given a place of honor to keep us mindful of our Heavenly friends and the destination we seek. If you have none, spiritually adopt a saint and get a medal, image, statue of him or her. Ask him or her to bring you closer to God. It can be as simple as “Dear St. _, pray for me.” Make sure you call on the saints and angels to help you out and intercede for you. Each time you walk by that medal, image or statue, ask for help. If God hears the prayers of his sinful earthly humans, how much more will He listen to those who have been purified and live with Him in Heaven. Take note, it will be impossible to purchase religious items once the antichrist rises up to power.
Sacramentals, Holy Bible, Crucifix, rosary beads, holy images, religious medals, religious statues, holy books, prayer books, missals and misselettes will NOT be available once the antichrist takes over the world church. Take steps to have these items in your possession now so they are there to strengthen and nourish you when times get really tough!

Bless your food
Before enjoying that first mouthful at meal time, bless the food by making a sign of the cross above it. While making sign of the cross , ask God that the food be clean from impurities and thank Him for being our Provider.

St. Benedict Medals
St. Benedict medals properly blessed with exorcism blessing ward off evil. It is one of the most powerful sacramentals and worthy to acquire some and have them blessed. Have one for each person, your pets, put one over each doorway [on the inside] and each window [on the inside]; one in each vehicle.

Seal of the Living God
This is a prayer given out by God to all the faithful. Place a copy on the inside walls of your house for Divine Protection and recite the prayer daily. God has promised that if one person in a family prays this prayer daily, God will extend His protection to that person and his/her family. Fathers: why leave things to chance? Add this prayer to your daily prayers. In the time of Moses, the faithful put blood on doorposts to avert a chastisement. For the Great Tribulation, you place a blessed Seal on your wall. Make copies, have them blessed and share with your children. Place one in each of your vehicles. Carry one on you for whenever you are not in your home.

The Seal of the Living God prayer:
O My God, My loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection. Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity. I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my Beloved Father. I beg you to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever. I love you, dear Father. I console you in these times, dear Father. I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children. Amen.

“All those with the Seal are granted a place in the New Paradise” - God the Father, Aug 23, 2013

“You are blessed and you are protected with the Seal of My Father, the Seal of the Living God. For everything, which will be thrown at you, on every side, remember that I am with you.” - Nov 1, 2012

Medal of Salvation
“God wants to save every single person, of every single faith, as well as those who deny the Existence of Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. This is why people of every age, every culture and every denomination, must receive a Medal of Salvation.
“Each person who is given a Medal, even if it cannot be blessed, will be given an extraordinary Gift. Soon afterwards, God will instill in them a Grace, an insight into their own helplessness and an awareness of God’s Almighty Love. He will enlighten even the most stubborn of souls and those with hearts of stone. Soon they will seek the Truth and then they will call out to God, begging Him to help ease their hearts and fill them with His Great Mercy. “Do not reject the Gift of the Medal of Salvation, because this final Medal, brought to you by me, through the Mercy of God, will draw billions of souls towards Eternal Life. When My Father gave me the instruction to present the world with the Most Holy Rosary to St. Dominic, many rejected it. They still do today, for they think it was created by me. It was given to me, so that anyone who recited it could protect themselves from the evil one. It is through my intercession that special Graces and protection are bequeathed to souls, against the influence of the evil one. “Do not make the mistake of rejecting this Medal as it is for the whole world and many miracles will be associated with it.”
-Mother of Salvation, Immaculate Mother, Jan 20, 2014

All those who receive the Medal of Salvation must recite this prayer, preferably upon receiving the medal:
O Mother of Salvation, cover my soul with your tears of Salvation. Rid me of doubts. Lift my heart, so that I will feel the Presence of your Son. Bring me peace and solace. Pray that I will be truly converted. Help me to accept the Truth and open my heart to receive the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Book of Truth prophecy:
Buy gas stoves, blankets, dried and tinned food, water purification tablets and candles, along with religious images to sustain you and your families during the Great Chastisement, which will follow the Warning.1
- September 29th, 2011

Prepare your homes with blessed candles and a supply of water and food to last for a couple of weeks.2
- September 29th, 2011

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