Crusade Prayers
There are special prayers for these times. They are called crusade prayers.
There are 6 litanies and 170 prayers for various intercessions, requests, Gifts and blessings.
Find prayers that touch your heart and recite them.

The prayers are available online here:
- Crusade Prayers online
- download your own copy in the PDFs section of this website.

It would be wise to print the prayers since the day will come when websites with Christian prayers will be banned.

Suggestions for reciting the Crusade Prayers: Start and end a crusade prayer group prayer meeting with crusade prayer 96.
Bless yourself with Holy Water and have a Crucifix present.
Litanies are requested to be recited daily.
Crusade prayers 1 – 30 – 33 – 79 – 102 – 104 - 111 - 129 - 164 are to be said daily.
Crusade prayer 170 is to be said daily by the sacred servants.
Crusade 132 is to be recited twice weekly.

The rest is up to you. Say them all; choose certain prayer intentions; odd-numbered one day, even the next; choose a method that works for you and your prayer group.

It is requested that each person recite a minimum of 15 minutes of crusade prayers daily.

Book of Truth prophecy:
My children, you must strive to devote at least fifteen minutes a day in the recital of the Crusade Prayers, as this is very important. You must find the time to say these prayers, as they are already mitigating many tragedies in the world, which are caused by those wicked people who carry out acts of evil. 1
- April 24th, 2011