In his document Amoris Laetitia [the Joy of Love], pope Francis erroneously makes the false claim that hell is not forever.
The actual quote can be found in paragraph 297 of the document released in April 2016:

297. It is a matter of reaching out to everyone,
of needing to help each person find his or her
proper way of participating in the ecclesial community
and thus to experience being touched by
an “unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous”
mercy. No one can be condemned for ever, because
that is not the logic of the Gospel! Here
I am not speaking only of the divorced and remarried,
but of everyone, in whatever situation
they find themselves.1

A very risky proposition. At no time in history has such a suggestion been made by anyone of responsibility within the Catholic Church, much less a pope. There is no turnstile in hell that lets a soul exit hell once it enters.
Believe this man's statement at your own 'eternal' risk or live by the 10 commandments and avoid playing a game of chance that could leave you with a losing hand.

This was prophesied well in advance as shown in the following excerpt:

Book of Truth prophecy:
Souls will be told that all of God’s children, once they live reasonable and dignified lives – irrespective as to whether they believe in God, or not – will be given Eternal Life. But this will be a lie. There is no return from Hell. It is for eternity.2
- April 24th, 2011

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