Starting with celebration of his first mass as pope, pope Francis does not genuflect at the mandatory times. During mass, the celebrant is to kneel at 3 distinct occasions: after the showing of the host, after the showing of the chalice and before Communion. Pope Francis is seen bowing, standing but not genuflecting. Some have suggested that he has a physical ailment; yet, there are numerous occasions where he has knelt on one or both knees as in the case of washing the feet of young adults or when in the presence of leaders of other religions.

Genuflecting is a requirement of the mass as specified in the Roman Missal:
[274]. A genuflection, made by bending the right knee to the ground, signifies adoration, and therefore it is reserved for the Most Blessed Sacrament, as well as for the Holy Cross from the solemn adoration during the liturgical celebration on Good Friday until the beginning of the Easter Vigil. During Mass, three genuflections are made by the priest celebrant: namely, after the showing of the host, after the showing of the chalice, and before Communion.1

In of itself, his refusal to genuflect demonstrates a poor example as leader of the clergy of the Catholic Church. As leader of the faithful and the representative of Jesus, it shows a lack of reverence and leadership.

In the whole, it is one more indicator that has led observers to wonder if Pope Francis is even Catholic in his beliefs. Compared to his willingness to kneel in other faith occasions, it leads to questions like: Does he believe in the divinity of Jesus? Does he believe in the transubstantiation? These are beliefs to be expected by the one claiming to represent Jesus Christ.
With time, his lack of genuflection will spread to priests throughout the world.

In his very first mass as pope, he can be seen omitting the genuflection in the video2 at the 51:47 and againt at 52:52.

Book of Truth prophecy:
"They will no longer genuflect before My Tabernacles."3
- November 19th, 2013

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