Water is critical to survival. This article is intended to help you identify sources of water and how to make the water potable.
For extended periods when electricity is not available to operate water pumps or urban taps are turned off, one must have a backup plan to acquire water and purify it. If you are fortunate to have a nearby spring or artesian well then your water needs have been answered.

Water catchment
Look around where you live. Where does water go when it rains? Is there heavy dew in the evening? Does it rain frequently? Do you have rain gutters?
Now that you have looked, what method would allow you to catch water? Here are some suggestions:

  • Rain barrel, water jugs, clean containers to catch rain water from your eaves and roof top.
  • Clean tarps / plastic laid on the ground to catch the dew.
  • Clean tarps / plastic laid on a slope whisking rainfall into a gutter or through the bottom end that drains into a container
  • Filling water jugs at a nearby lake or water course.
  • Melting snow in a pot on a woodstove, or in a warm space. P.S. Do not eat snow as a source to quench thirst. Melt it first. Snow dehydrates you and lowers your core body temperature.
  • Well with a hand pump where you can draw water manually.

Depending on where you are located, other options may be available. If necessary, be creative.

Purifying water
Water for drinking and cooking... If you are drawing water from a spring then the water may be potable straight out of the ground...but in all other cases, boiling or heating the water to 165F is not enough to purify it.

Heating water to 165F for 10 minutes, will kill all living organisms. Unfortunately, heating the water, in of its own, does not make it safe to drink as it does not remove contaminants such as minerals, oils, toxins, etc that could have polluted the water and that may be toxic. To properly purify water, there are a couple options.

Filter the water.

  1. There are manufacturers like Berkey and LifeStraw who make water filters that remove pathogens, bacteria AND contaminants. Berkey is made of steel; Lifestraw is made of plastic. If you are at a permanent location, then something like a Berkey makes sense. If you are on the move, LifeStraw is more portable. P.S. This document is not an endorsement for any specific vendor. Products listed are to help in your research for your needs. Berkey water filtration

  2. If either of the above is not a solution, then charcoal, cotton [t-shirts, cheesecloth], etc...method could be attempted to filter water...though its more crude and likely needs repeated cycles...filter, boil, filter, boil… to get contaminants out. Its success as a drinking water source depends on many factors and is not as reliable as the previous method. Manual method to purify water

Water purification tablets
For emergency situation, when boiling water is not possible or for added security, water purification tablets can help. The better-known tablets take care of any harmful living organisms. Any toxins or metals present in the water are not neutralized or removed with water purification tablets. To remove toxins and contaminants, filter the water through a coffee filter or cotton (t-shirt). You may need to do this a few times. If the water is clear, you may skip the additional filtration step.

Use water as an appetite suppressant: Drink two glasses of water about 30 minutes before meal time to help reduce your appetite and allow you to consume less food thereby extending your food rations.

In time, your food will be restricted, as well as access to drinking water.
I tell you this so that you can prepare.

Book of Truth prophecy:
In time, your food will be restricted, as well as access to drinking water. I tell you this so that you can prepare.1
- April 23rd, 2012

You must prepare now, as if a war is coming and as you would when food is rationed. Have plenty of water because everything you store will be multiplied by Me.2
- August 31st, 2013

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