Have two weeks of food and water on hand at all time to help you remain safe and avoid venturing out during short-term calamities, curfews and supply chain disruptions.

When turmoil hits, whether it’s a weather event, electrical outage, ATMs offline, financial collapse, stock market correction, delayed deliveries, roads blocked, bank closures, civil unrest, terrorist attacks; a significant number of the populace will take to the streets confused, angry and hungry looking for food and supplies.
Take precautions so you may avoid unnecessary risks and avoid being without essentials.

Water: Immediate needs
1 U.S. gallon [4 liters]/per person/per day. Multiply by 14. This is the basic amount of water one should have on hand for the short-term emergencies at all times.
That amount takes care of drinking water, water-based beverages like coffee and juice, water for personal hygiene that contacts your mouth and any water needed for cooking meals. Because the containers you would put tap water in will not be sanitized, the preference here is to bottled water. If you have a method of filtering the water, then bottling your own tap water is perfectly fine. If you have the space, consider bottling extra water for flushing toilets especially if you live in an area with frequent power outages in storms.

Food: Short-term needs (2 weeks)
Your first task when you complete reading this document is to go and take the steps to ensure you have two weeks’ worth of water and a stocked two week emergency pantry! There will be times where there will be calamities that will impact you for short durations and keeping yourself level-headed to make a 3-course meal will be the last thing on your mind…It is important to have ready-to-eat foods that require no refrigeration. That could be tinned meats [turkey, ham, chicken, fish]; canned soup [some of these are meals in a can], peanut butter, cold cereals.

Have TWO WEEKS of such food on hand at ALL TIMES!

Rotate your supplies. If you budget 3 jars of peanut butter for your two-week allotment…then when you open a jar, open the oldest. And replace it with a new jar so you always have 3 jars on hand. Apply this approach to all the goods you earmark for this purpose in your 2-week allotment.

Have cash on hand. When electricity is out or banks close unexpectedly, most major stores will close and will not process debit or credit transactions. Have enough cash to get home from work [gas, taxi] and enough to pay for any emergency purchases. Even with power out or computers down, neighbourhood convenience stores may remain open and be willing to sell goods for cash until their stock runs out.

Task: Determine the needs of your family for a two week period…What do you eat? How many mouths to feed? Figure out what it takes to give you two weeks’ worth. Buy it, place it in its own shelf, pantry, etc. When one item is consumed, replace it the next time you do grocery shopping. Include food for pets, medicines, and other items needed daily.
14 days is the minimum!

Book of Truth prophecy:
Do not forget My instructions to have food which lasts ten days, candles which are blessed and holy objects in your home.1
– July 9, 2012

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