The upcoming economic collapse is designed to rob individuals of their savings, employment and assets. Without jobs, most cannot make ends meet. With an economic collapse, assessment values of homes dwindle and for some will become worth less than the mortgage on the property. With bail-in legislation, depositors and savers lose their savings and investments robbing them of their ability to pay their bills, property taxes and mortgage payments.
When houses are worth less than the mortgage value and when employment opportunities dwindle, it is fair to say that some, possibly many, will need to find non-traditional shelter. For some this could involve building a shelter on a friend’s or relative’s property.

Give some thought to what you may have on your property that could be of use in providing an alternate shelter. Portable to take with you, if necessary. The following is not an exhaustive list but should be sufficient to get you thinking about the topic.

Keeping dry / Shelter
Keeping dry involves clothing, shelter from weather, how to dry off and how to stay dry. Make use of the sun as much as possible to dry items that become wet. Without utilities washing clothes becomes a manual chore, have a bucket available.

If you have kids, we are talking as much as 3 years or so…will the growing kids have clothes that will fit in 2 or 3 years? Consider buying a few items one or two sizes larger for those future months. Thrift store is a good source for this.

If you have no tarps…Next time tarps go on sale, buy yourself a couple. These can come in handy in many ways…Outdoors to keep rain out [cover firewood, provide an outdoor shelter, keep items dry]; to catch rain water and divert into a container. Indoors, tarps can be used to manage heat and living space [sealing off a space]. Consider having a tent or two. A tent can be for shelter, can be for keeping items dry and does not need to be anything fancy.

There are ways to build shelters in the outdoors that can keep you protected from elements and when built correctly can keep you warm. This site is not suggesting that we will all be without homes but having the knowledge to build shelter outdoors can lead to resourcefulness and creativity to stay warm and dry should you need to leave your house for short or extended periods due to unexpected reasons or calamities.

Book of Truth prophecy:
The New One World Currency, which will be presented to an incredulous community, is designed to control you. Without control of your money, you will find it hard to defend your right to property, food and health, the three things which they will be in charge of, 1
- July 8th, 2011