Buy physical silver and gold NOW while they are very affordable and available. After ensuring you have two weeks worth of food....this is probably your most important to-do item in physical preparation. The day is coming when fiat currencies will be worthless and that day is sooner than most wish to admit.

Transfer 10% of your asset portfolio to physical precious metals. When the global situation deteriorates, gold and silver will increase significantly while paper investments (stocks, bonds, paper contracts) will lose much of their value.

Bullion, (gold and silver,) is an internationally traded form of money that has been money for thousands of years. Do NOT purchase certificates of gold or silver. Purchase physical bullion in rounds or bars.
No matter what happens with dollars, euros, yen and yuan, gold and silver will stand through the upcoming trials as an international currency. It is most likely that they will substantially increase in value. Silver has recently been available at prices that barely cover the mining companies’ extraction costs.

Do NOT purchase collector coins. Collector coins are sold at a premium price for their decorative value. Stick to bullion rounds and bars.

Since making change with silver or gold is not as simple as getting change with currencies, vary the size of the rounds/bars you purchase. An ounce of gold will be worth the thousands of dollars and an ounce of silver will be worth hundreds of dollars. You don't want to be in a position where you need to hand over an ounce of gold for a low-cost necessity.

If you can only purchase a small amount, start with silver rounds. Once you have some silver then get some gold. In the case of fleeing, carrying an ounce of gold is easily done without slowing you down. The same value in silver would require a box or backpack.

Once you start, aim for 70% silver and 30% gold in varying sizes of silver bars and single gold ounces. The reason for this is receiving 'change' on your purchases may not be possible. Exchanging an ounce of gold for a carload of groceries would not be a good deal when one ounce of silver would do.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you buy physical silver or gold and that you have it in your possession. Keep it where you can put your hands on it without depending on someone else for access.

Do not buy paper contracts. A paper contract means someone is promising to give you the silver or gold when you ask for it. Currently, paper contracts exceed available physical bullion by a large margin. When the bottom falls out…those with paper contracts will not be able to obtain their bullion.

If you currently have silver or gold contracts with a broker or investment dealer…start the process of claiming the physical asset.

Do not wait! If you cannot purchase much, purchase some. Do not wait until you have a specific amount, some months or years into the future before transferring wealth to bullion. When panic strikes the stock markets, large sums of investment money will exit the bond and stock markets and look to bullion for safety. When this occurs, the availability and price will be out of reach for the common man.

At time of writing, the bullion sellers listed below have been recommended by real customers for excellent pricing, prompt delivery and excellent reputation. TribulationChronicle is not associated in any way with any vendor. There are many private dealers out there. Purchase within your country to avoid issues with transfer across international borders.

USA: SD Bullion
Canada: Silver Gold Bull
Canada: Guildhall Wealth

Biblical verse(s): Rev:6: 5When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.

Book of Truth prophecy:
Your money will be worthless and the only way to trade will be in gold or silver.1
- Jan 1, 2011

Buy silver coins or gold, so that you can buy what is necessary.2
- July 8, 2011

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