Have at least one method of cooking food that does NOT require a grid utility like electricity or natural gas pipeline. There will come a time for a large segment of the population that survival will require ability to prepare food using simpler means like open fire, bbq, propane cooking appliance, camp cook stove, solar cooking appliance or a wood stove... The reason for this is because of job losses and inability to purchase utilities like electricity or natural gas. In other cases, it will be because the grid will not be available.
Whatever type of appliance you select, ensure you have a supply of fuel to operate the appliance.

The remainder of this article seeks to assist the reader in the process of selecting one or more cooking methods.

Recipe books
Have at least one recipe book for cooking and baking basic meals.

Cooking Appliances
Choose a cooking appliance that makes sense for your skill level, your needs and your ability to have fuel to burn.

Wood burning
A wood burning appliance can be a small rocket stove to a full size cookstove and any manner of crude outdoor fire pit. Availability of firewood logs will be an important factor. Is there ready access to dry firewood for your needs? If you have no wood burning appliance and want one, a rocket stove is the most efficient way to go! Rocket stove sources, how to make fire in rocket stove and build-your-own links:
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Other plan on building rocket stove

Cooking bread over a campfire

Solar cooking
Solar cooking makes use of the sun’s rays to heat the air inside a closed oven with a glass cover. Commercial grade solar cookers can get temperatures exceeding 375F allowing one to bake bread in a solar cooker. Homemade solar cookers are less efficient and do not achieve such high temperatures meaning it will take longer to prepare meals. The proper way of thinking when relying on a solar cooker is to think as if you are using a slow cooker. Assemble your dinner’s ingredient well before noon, as early as 9am and place your cooking pot in the solar cooker. As the day progresses, reposition the solar cooker periodically to keep it in direct angle with the sun for maximum cooking efficiency.
Links about solar cookers:

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Propane/gas appliances
There are a variety of liquid fuel cooking appliances available either in a single or dual burner models. The limitation of these appliances is how much fuel one can purchase ahead of time. Once there is no money, it will not be possible to keep supplying fuel for a propane-based stove.
These stoves are convenient in how little time it takes to be hot enough to cook food or boil water. If you choose this type of appliance as your main source for preparing foods, ensure you calculate how much fuel you may need and that you have a secure location for the fuel.

Book of Truth prophecy:
Buy gas stoves, blankets, dried and tinned food, water purification tablets and candles, along with religious images to sustain you and your families during the Great Chastisement, which will follow the Warning.1
– July 8th, 2011

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