When things get tough, your approach, your attitude and your coping skills will go a long way to help you and those around you get through.

If you've read the pages on this website, you are aware that these are unique prophetic times. You are also aware that these unique times will throw the unexpected at us.

Develop an attitude to expect the unexpected.
When you accept that just about anything can happen then you get your brain better positioned on how to overcome what comes your way.

Be aware that others around you will have their own reactions to emergency situations. Their reactions may be completely different from yours.

Seek to work together capitalizing on each other's strengths.
Collaborate and develop a plan for the situation.
Assign tasks in achievable goals to each able-bodied individual. A busy mind has less time to panic.

Negative energy invites more negative energy. Take time to appreciate each other as you work through. Be supportive!

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