This article will list heat waves that exceed normal averages or heat waves with significant toll on people.

Mar-2017: Central India, India.
Temps of 116F [46.5C] that would be record highs in May hit India in March

Sep-2016: Europe.
A significant late-season heatwave affected many parts of western and central Europe in the first half of September. The highest temperatures occurred in southern Spain, where 45.4 °C was recorded at Cordoba on 6 September; September records were set at many other stations in Spain and in Portugal. The heat extended to north-western Africa with some record high September temperatures reported in Morocco. The heat extended to northern Europe: 34.4 °C at Gravesend (England) on 13 September was a late-season record for the United Kingdom by more than 2 °C and the highest September temperature in the United Kingdom since 1911, while many monthly or late-season records were set in Germany, Sweden and Norway. WMO report, page 20

Jul-2016: Middle East.
Record or near-record temperatures occurred in parts of the Middle East and northern Africa on a number of occasions from late July to early September. The highest temperature observed was 54.0 °C at Mitribah (Kuwait) on 21 July which will be the highest temperature on record for Asia. Other extremely high temperatures included 53.9 °C at Basra (Iraq) and 53.0 °C at Delhoran (Iran – a national record), both on 22 July, while significant high temperatures were also reported in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and the United Arab Emirates WMO report, page 20

May-2016: Northern India, India.
Above average heat wave with daily highs of 117F [47C] extends for days worsening toll from 2-year drought

Apr-2016: Thailand.
The extreme heat was centered on Thailand, where a national record of 44.6 °C was set at Mae Hong Son on 28 April and all-time records were set at many individual locations WMO report, page 20

Jan-2016: South Africa
On 7 January, temperatures reached 42.7 °C at Pretoria and 38.9 °C at Johannesburg, both of which were 3 °C or more above the all-time records at those sites prior to November 2015 WMO report, page 20

Jun-Jul-2015: Europe.
Temps of 13F [7C] above normal blanket Europe for worst heat wave since 2003

May-2015: Central India, India.
Heat bomb! Extended above average heat wave claims thousands

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Book of Truth prophecy:
...the Purification, which will be suffered by mankind through wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, heat waves and mudslides, is continuing because of the sins of mankind. People everywhere will understand that these events are not natural. They are caused by Divine intervention to make man understand, finally, the Truth of the Scriptures.1
- May 25th, 2011

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