On 14 March 2013, the day after the election of ‘pope’ Francis, the Grand Orient of Italy (GOI), which represents Freemasonry in that country, issued a formal communiqué praising him for the first egalitarian measures he took on the day of his election. In the weeks following other masonic sects advertised their support for Francis.

For those unaware, one cannot be a member of masonry and a member of the Catholic Church. Any Catholic who becomes a mason is automatically ex-communicated. The two groups are directly opposed to each other in beliefs and goals. Do not be fooled!

The masonic support for pope Francis is deeply troubling...as though they now have one of their own or one who sympathizes with them in the highest office of the Vatican.

Here are a number of links from sites that have images or reporting of various praise by masonic groups in regards to the election of pope Francis as leader of the Catholic Church:

Italy: Grande Oriente d'Italia's Grand Master Raffi: "With Pope Francis, nothing will be more as it was before."1

Argentina: "The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, an institution rooted in our country since 1857, salutes the naming of our co-patriot Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis I"2

Philippines: Grand Lodge takes out full page ad to welcome Francis on his trip to Philippines3

Book of Truth prophecy:
The crowning of the False Prophet will be celebrated by Masonic groups in all corners who plan the final stages of persecution of all My children.4
- Mar 12, 2013

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