Within days of his election as pope, news media around the world ran headlines speaking of Jorge Borgoglio's humility. In the weeks that followed multiple news articles displayed photo-op after photo-op where pope Francis is seen doing something 'humble'.

Today's society confuses humility with false humility.
True humility is hidden. True humility is done for the good of the other upon whom the humble act is performed. It does not seek attention, broadcast or the podium.

Give some thought to why would media outlets around the globe profess pope Francis' humility within 2 days of his declaration as pope? A cardinal who was not a front-runner, who was thought to be too old. Get the impression there is a narrative that was promoted?

The humilty angle to Francis is a co-ordinated narrative that dupes people.
Here is a sampling of news article links demonstrating his humility.

Pope Francis was elected pope on March 13th, 2013. Here are March 14th & March 15th headlines about Francis:

CNN: Pope Francis, humble, authentic and credible
Washington Post: The thrilling humility of Pope Francis
NBC: Pope Francis Shows Humility on His First Day
CBS: A humble beginning for Pope Francis
Newsmax: Pope Francis' Humility: Stops by Hotel to Get Bags
The Guardian: Pope Francis: a man of joy and humility, or harsh and unbending?
CBC: Pope Francis known for simplicity, humility
Australia News: Pope Francis takes to Rome in a minibus

In the months since those initial articles about his humility, countless pictures were taken of Francis 'displaying' humility according to our societal norms. What the pictures show are images of a man being center stage to attention. A ready smile, a ready hug, a quick wave for the camera when specific persons suffering their own cross such as leprosy and deformities are brought to him. Staged events that scream "look at me!"...certainly not true humility as in the fashion of his namesake, St. Francis.

Washington Post: 28 images of Pope Francis’s acts of humility
CBS Philly: Rock Star Status
NY Times: A Humble Pope, Challenging the World
CBS: Pope Francis’ Humility Sets Him Apart

Book of Truth prophecies:
Pray, pray, pray that the False Prophet will be identified for what he is. Watch out for his demeanour. Then listen to what he has to say, carefully. His humility will be false, his intentions mischievous and the love he exudes will be all about him.1
- March 5, 2011

Remember that those who proudly display the badge of humility are guilty of pride. Pride is a sin.2
- March 14, 2013

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