A fake news story has one or more of the following:

  • the act of misleading the audience by deliberately lying,
  • omitting important facts,
  • broadcasting staged events to perpetrate a lie,
  • downplaying truths,
  • embellishing hearsay,
  • misrepresenting the facts,
  • casting favorable reporting in favor of one view over another
  • being an agent of propaganda for a 3rd-party group.

News media has until recently been the '4th estate'. The first three estates represent powers of government and the justice system. As the '4th estate', the news media's task is to uphold truth to its audience by reporting unbiased impartial facts.

It should not seek to be an agent of propaganda whereby its goal, deliberate or implicit, is to influence the audience as to what it should think, believe or accept.

The news media should let the audience form its own opinion. For the majority of news agencies, this aspect has been forfeited in favor of ulterior motives influenced by money and power.

The reality is that 'fake news' media outlets are influencing millions of people to form opinions based on biased, tainted information or at its worst based on bare-faced lies spread by those who should represent truth in reporting.

These companies have created and/or promoted fake news stories:

  • TV: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg, BBC, CNBC, CBC
  • print: New York Times, Washington Post, USAToday, New York Post, Vanity Fair, Time, Guardian, The Independent
  • agencies: AssociatedPress (AP)
  • web: Politico, Huffington Post, Slate, The Daily Beast, The Week, BuzzFeed, Observer,

It became prominent in the Obama years when news agencies were rather kind to Obama in their questioning and accepting of any material issued by his government. The US economy never recovered from its 2008 downturn; yet, left-leaning journalism reported every glowing report issued about the economy's so-called recovery and dismissed independant non-partisan facts. Statistics clearly showed America was hurting. Numerous geopolitical questions should have been raised about the US policy and actions in regards to: abandonment of Iraq into a power vacuum, invasion of Libya, ineffective aerial campaign in Syria, drone strike policy in Paksitan and the deaths of americans in Benghazi to name a few.

With the 2016 US election campaign, fake news reporting became more obvious and more evident to more people. The media gave a pass to Clinton team who conspired with the media (in advance of debates). The media lacked fairness by focusing on Trump's personal life while giving Hillary a glowing review on all her activities with a particularly glossing review of her global foundation that has had numerous questionable dealings. These were never investigated or reported. The media accepted the excuses from the Democrats about Hillary's lack of appearances and did not investigate health issues. Meanwhile, rally after rally, Trump was speaking about his campaign promises which were only reported in-depth on FoxNews. Vast majority of news stories about Trump were negative in nature and conversely the majority of stories about Clinton were positive. Front page stories in american national print media were either positive about Clinton with picture or negative story about Trump.

To be sure, this fake news movement is not solely as US phenomenom. Brexit saw the media paint all kinds of fear-mongering about the UK leaving the eurozone. Fair reporting was not to be found on this issue.

In 2017, the fake news reporting continues. It even now includes facebook, google and youtube. These social media outlets have vowed to restrict fake news and only promote valid news. What they are not telling you is the following: Fake news in their view is the alt-news media. Many contributors, like small time investigators are being shut out and having their audience drop because they no longer appear on facebook feeds or in results page of google. Furthermore, in the case of youtube, videos that used to be monetized are now being posted without ads stripping the researcher/videographer of any compensation for his work.

The Russia agenda item has proven unsubstantiated; yet, the fake news media continues for a fourth month in its attempts to make it an issue. Meanwhile the illegal wiretapping of Trump campaign has proven true and the biased media continues to ignore it.

If you believe at face value without any verifiable facts presented what the mainstream news media, the national print media and global news reporting services tell you...then you are being deceived.

Scrutinize for yourself.
Does the news media you trust: present true facts? do they report facts and let you decide or tell you what you should think? do they present opposing view discussions?

True news reporting has been replaced with opinion journalism and info-tainment. Audience, proceed at your own risk!

Book of Truth prophecy:
These people, from every first world country, are rich, powerful, talented; and control banks, military, world humanitarian organizations, police forces, governments, energy suppliers and the media.1
- April 17th, 2011

Very few of you, children, are being given the Truth, because many of these people control the news you believe to be the truth. You have no other means of knowing what is going on in the world.2
- February 18th, 2012

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