The continuity of life has always been respected for centuries. Even through illness, individuals seek to survive and live another day.
This way of being is slowly being eroded by using the ruse of 'compassion' to justify murder-suicide.
In the past two decades, some countries have begun passing laws legalizing assisted suicide and even euthanasia.

Assisted suicide is defined as "suicide committed with the aid of another person".
Euthanasia is defined as the practice of intentionally ending a life.

Both are in grave opposition to the 5th commandment: "Thou shall not kill".2

When compared to other topics in 'society' section, legalization and social acceptance of euthanasia is in its infancy. Humanity's acceptance of euthanasia in 2017 is similar to humanity's acceptance of same sex unions 40 years ago. Is there a section of humanity seeking to achieve the end-goal of commonplace euthanasia where only the best of the best are kept alive?

Most laws regarding euthanasia have become law in this 21st century.

From wikileaks: "As of June 2016, human euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands [2002], Belgium [2002], Colombia [2014] and Luxembourg [2008].
Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland [1942], Germany, Japan, Canada [2016], and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Washington DC, and California.1

Book of Truth prophecy:
It is one of the greatest sins of all to take a life, and to then declare that the deliberate planned death of any person, to be a good thing. Among the many carefully planned acts against God, which are being deliberately presented to the world at this time, in order to encourage people to sin against God, is through the sin of euthanasia. Make no mistake, euthanasia is an abhorrent act in My Eyes, and it carries with it grave consequences for those who participate in the act.2
- November 3rd, 2014

Important note for articles in 'society' category:
Articles in 'society' are not condemnation of any individual for it is not up to the reader, nor the chronicler to judge others. The articles chronicle recent societal changes for the reader's awareness with hopes the reader will reflect and make knowledgeable decisions in regards to his own life path.

There are millions of Christian-faith believers who have succumbed to a lethargy of their faith either by choice or lack of instruction from elders. They have discarded forever in favor of living for the moment by accepting secular laws that permit much which is contrary to their Christian beliefs.

If you believe in any way that you are more than "just a bunch of cells" then what becomes of 'you' after death of these cells? These government-enacted laws rule over their citizens while they are alive. Upon death, secular laws have no enforcement. What then? No matter how long your earthly life, eternity is a whole lot longer.

Please remember that forgiveness from God is available to anyone with genuine remorse who asks for forgiveness while alive, even on their last breath. After death, it is too late to seek forgiveness.