Muammar Gaddafi was killed Oct 20, 2011. Gaddafi was viewed as an enemy of the globalist agenda. Libya and Gaddafi were targets of the globalists because of his desire to establish a gold-backed central bank for northern African countries with Tripoli, Libya's capital, for its headquarters.

This would have competed directly with other central banks which are backed by nothing! All current central banks of the world use fractional reserve and operate on the basis of debt. A gold-backed central bank as the backbone of countries dealing in millions of barrels of oil would have decimated the US petrodollar and adversely affected the value of western currencies.

Gaddafi's refusal to submit to the western bankers wishes led to the NATO invasion, Gaddafi's death, looting of Libya's assets and the complete destabilization of the area.

Libyans enjoyed more prosperity under Gaddafi then since. Libya is now a banana republic with no rule of law after being pillaged by various interest groups.

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Book of Truth prophecy:
"There will be three world leaders assassinated shortly, one by one. Remember that each one will be assassinated through the plotting of the evil group – the sub cultural organizations that rule in all nations – though you cannot see them "1
- February 17th, 2011

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