Arab Spring is a globalist agenda item which uses rebellion and armed conflict to overthrow autonomous arab governments and replace with governments agreeable to world central bank [globalist] control. 4 governments were overthrown [Libya, Egypt, Tunisia & Yemen] and 5 other governments changed leaders and/or changed their core policies.
Add to this total, the prior overthrow of Iraq and their current attempts at Syria. Over 10 million people displaced and nearly a million deaths to date thanks to Middle East meddling.

From wikipedia:1
Tunisia: President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali ousted, charged, exiled and government overthrown.
Egypt: President Hosni Mubarak ousted, arrested, charged, and government overthrown.

Libya: Leader Muammar Gaddafi killed following a civil war that saw a foreign military intervention, and government overthrown.

Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh ousted, and power handed to a national unity government.

Syria: President Bashar al-Assad faces civil uprising against his rule that deteriorates into armed rebellion and eventual full-scale civil war.

Bahrain: Civil uprising against the government crushed by authorities and Saudi-led intervention.

Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman: Government changes implemented in response to protests.
Morocco and Jordan: Constitutional reforms implemented in response to protests.
Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania, and other Arab countries: Protests.

Book of Truth prophecy:
"They (the cunning society) will do this by cleverly removing Leaders... Then they will buy the friendship of new regimes until they control them. "2
- February 17th, 2011

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