This website sets out to accomplish three goals:

- to chronicle the Great Tribulation.   
- to increase your awareness of these prophetic times  
- to provide resources on physical, mental and spiritual preparation.

The format is simple.

- report factual information. 
- confirm the facts with links to external sources. 
- include relevant prophecy.       
- add observations to connect the event, prophecy and significance.
- avoid imagery. Let the reader visualize his/her own 'picture'.
- let the reader reflect and draw his/her own conclusions. 

So many media outlets ( mainstream media, alt media, social media, etc ) seek to influence your thoughts, tell you what to think, how to react, what to believe. Media outlets have significantly reduced investigative reporting in favor of opinion journalism where the focus is shaping your thoughts with extensive use of scripted hosts, biased 'experts' and manipulated 'facts' to support their sponsored narrative. This deception is deliberate and intended to keep the public in the dark.

Spend some time to read and ponder the issues presented in this website. Your first instinct may be to reject. Events will continue to occur whether you accept or reject; believe or don't believe. This chapter in history is much bigger than any one person!

Your personal decision will solely impact your level of awareness and preparedness. Your level of awareness and preparedness will solely influence your ability to cope and survive. This is a personal decision to be taken by each reader.


Collection of articles regarding the 1st horse of the Apocalypse: apostasy, particularly the Catholic Church's demise, false prophet, embrace of humanism, the unification of faiths and lastly, the one world religion. This section is pertinent to all even non-Catholics so that all can see the shift to the upcoming global unified 'religion'.

Collection of articles linked to geopolitics, global power struggles, globalism vs nationalism, escalating wars and other events of the 2nd horse of the Apocalypse: war.

Collection of articles linked to the 3rd horse of the Apocalypse: famine; particularly, global economic collapse, fiscal restraint, sovereign debt, wealth redistribution, credit freeze, physical and spiritual starvation.

Collection of articles related to the 4th horse of the Apocalypse, death; death of the body and death of the soul. The past 50 years or so has seen a significant increase in new permissive secular laws that have wielded much influence on people's behaviors; yet, these new laws oppose long-held moral values. These changes in societal values, behaviour towards neighbour, tolerance, permissiveness, disorder, laws, disease along with the pace of technology and knowledge may appear normal to the younger generations but it was not always this way.
The articles in this section give an opportunity for the reader to review the conditions they live by.

Collection of articles documenting earthly and geological events that are a notable departure from the historic norm and/or of significant impact to humanity.

Section for articles that point out trends, patterns or events occurring now that humanity has previously experienced and look back at what the previous outcomes were.

BoT is short for Book of Truth. The Book of Truth was promised to Daniel [10:21; 12:9-10] and shown to John the Evangelist [Revelation 10:7-10]. True to His Word, God has delivered the Book of Truth to His children. This section presents a sampling of prophetic passages to confirm website articles and includes messages to help the newcomer discern.
For the complete book, the reader can navigate to the PDFs page to download the file.

Other (Prophecies)
Collection of articles presenting other known prophecies of significance for these times.

Fulfilled (Prophecies)
Each article in this section links an event to its related prophetic message(s) that has been fulfilled in whole, fulfilled in part or in process of being fulfilled.

Articles with information on physical, mental and spiritual preparation.

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