Until the 20th century, abortion laws were, if in existence, quite restrictive. The path to today's lax laws began with permitting abortion in cases where the mother's health was in jeopardy.

Through the 20th century, abortion laws came into effect by first permitting abortions for medical reasons [survival of the mother, mental health of the mother, fetus malformation] on fetuses up to 12 to 24 weeks old varying by country.1

With time, a number of countries have now passed laws where abortion is legal for economic or social reasons...basically, any non-medical reason will do.

The next step in society's desensitization to abortion is to legalize late-term and partial-birth abortions. The United States candidate in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, was advocating to pass such a law.2

Premature babies [premies] born as early as the 27th week have a 90% chance of survival and by week 34, they have the same chance of survival as a full-term birth.3
One must question: what is to be gained by calling a late-term abortion, 'abortion' and not 'infanticide'? Acceptance. Abortion is now accepted. Infanticide is not! By using the term abortion, politicians seek to capitalize on the desensitization that has occurred over the past decades.

Book of Truth prophecy:
My Father’s Commandments are no longer accepted, even amongst Christian churches.
Thou shalt not kill means you cannot kill another human being. It does not refer to self-defense, but in every other circumstance.
No man can justify murder – abortion, execution or euthanasia. No one. This is a mortal sin and the punishment is an eternal life in Hell. Do My children accept this My daughter? No. They even pass laws, which make it not only acceptable, but excusable, in the Eyes of God. But it is not.4
- January 26th, 2012

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There are millions of Christian-faith believers who have succumbed to a lethargy of their faith either by choice or lack of instruction from elders. They have discarded forever in favor of living for the moment by accepting secular laws that permit much which is contrary to their Christian beliefs.

If you believe in any way that you are more than "just a bunch of cells" then what becomes of 'you' after death of these cells? These government-enacted laws rule over their citizens while they are alive. Upon death, secular laws have no enforcement. What then? No matter how long your earthly life, eternity is a whole lot longer.

Please remember that forgiveness from God is available to anyone with genuine remorse who asks for forgiveness while alive, even on their last breath. After death, it is too late to seek forgiveness.